3 Reasons to Source Sustainable Promotional Products

3 Reasons to Source Sustainable Promotional Products

How can your company promote sustainability with promotional product sourcing? Read more.
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As trade shows return and events go back to a degree of normalcy, a key element of brand awareness is promotional products. Typically, brands buy large quantities of poorly made and cheap items like plastic keychains, pens, and notebooks to increase their own brand awareness. However, this often leads to poor association with the brand, as they decided to align themselves with cheap products that lack quality.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. Offering higher-quality, meaningful products can help elevate a brand’s image and reputation. One study by the Advertising Speciality Institute found that 46% of consumers have a more favorable opinion if the promotional product they receive is environmentally-friendly. Acknowledging this reality, there has been a noticeable shift in what companies prioritize in their promotional strategy, including environmental and social sustainability.

1. Ensure Mission and Values Alignment

When a business chooses who to work with, it is crucial that the partnership is aligned in both mission and values, especially when related to marketing efforts. An aligned partnership not only ensures a company is staying true to its own mission, but that it is living its values as well.

Making sure the companies you work with reflect your values is critical for positive growth. At EarthHero, we think the same way! Not only are we a B Corp and 1% for the Planet member, but we’re also Climate Neutral Certified. But what does that mean?

Being B Corp certified means we undergo a rigorous auditing process every three years, where B Lab Global assigns a “score” based on a number of factors, including how we give back to the community, how we operate on a day-to-day basis, how we treat our suppliers, and so much more.

As a member of 1% for the Planet, we join a cohort of thousands who champion social and environmental rights across the globe. Beyond being members ourselves, we have dozens of brands in our marketplace who are also 1% for the Planet members for double the positive impact.

Finally, we recently became Climate Neutral Certified, which only a little over 300 brands worldwide can say! Similar to our B Corp certification, our Climate Neutral certification involves a rigorous adulting process, with impact quantification as the focus. Here, not only did we audit every part of our operations, including carbon emissions related to shipping and employee commuting, but we also committed to actionable goals for reducing our carbon footprint which will be reevaluated when we rectify it next year. Want to see our specific plans and emissions?

Overall, partnering with us ensures that your business’s sustainability mission is reflected in the products you brand and put out into the world. Instead of adding your brand name to products you know little about, you can rest assured that you are partnering with a company that truly values social and environmental good above all.

2. Have a Positive Social and Environmental Impact

At EarthHero, we prioritize our ecological footprint in every aspect of our operations. We have a meticulous 5-step process for vetting all the brands and products we offer, so you can trust they are truly eco-friendly.

This sourcing process looks at a variety of metrics, from the materials used to create a product to third-party certifications to give-back programs a brand or product is involved in. At EarthHero, we know sustainability deals with more than planting trees (although we love planting trees!) but involves a nuanced and holistic approach to sustainability and social justice.

When you brand a product with us, you can rest assured knowing you are having a positive impact on the world. Being thoughtful about the products you purchase (and add your brand name to) means less harm is done to the planet, which is something often forgotten when sourcing promotional products and when shopping in general.

That said, when purchasing promotional products for trade shows and tabling events, it is important that those products are used (and loved) by your recipients too – not only for the planet but for your brand’s integrity and image. One 2020 study found that 89% of consumers have a promotional writing instrument, whose average life span is 9 months – not long at all. That same writing instrument that costs $1 to brand, on average, will have a Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 1/10 of a cent. Instead of creating low-quality products with a low ROI, opt for high-quality alternatives that promise long-term returns.

One of the many customizable products on our website is our Terra Thread Laptop Sleeve. Not only is it made with GOTS certified organic cotton, which requires much less water and energy to make than conventional cotton, but it also features a lead-free metal zipper that’s durable and high-quality. Plus, when you purchase one for a promotional product, you also donate 10 meals to underserved children, families, and seniors in the United States through Terra Thread’s partnership with Feeding America. In other words, supporting brands like Terra Thread when ordering promotional items on EarthHero means you’re also helping feed individuals and families in need around the world!

3. You Deserve High-Quality and Unique Products

When working with us on your next promotional campaign, you can rest assured that you won’t be putting your brand’s name on low-quality, cheap, and ephemeral products. Since we meticulously source our products, we ensure that every single one of them is made to last – otherwise, there’s not much that’s eco-friendly about them. Moreover, we offer an abundance of high-quality and sophisticated products to fit any and every need, from ethically-sourced cutting boards to stainless steel coffee tumblers and even polo shirts made from recycled polyester.

When showcasing your brand, the last thing you want is to be associated with cheap and low-quality products because it reflects on your company values and appearance. Opting for better products that not only reflect your brand well but also highlight its sophistication and modernity allows you to make a lasting impression on your recipients, whether they are potential clients or existing partnerships. Putting your name on products you trust and love is an investment in your company’s growth and promotes a connotation of importance that your brand deserves. Plus, when you source sustainable promotional products, it offers a unique opportunity to showcase your company’s efforts at raising awareness of overconsumption practices and sustainable alternatives.

How to Get Started

It is clear that every company should create values alignment in everything they do, including the products that showcase their company name and logo. At EarthHero, we uphold the highest sustainability standards and premium products to ensure your promotional strategy is ethical, eco-friendly, and high-quality.

Visit our website and check out our numerous customizable offerings perfect for promotional product procurement. Once inspired, email our Sustainable Sales Team at hello@earthherogifting.com to get started.

Now is the time to make the (sustainable) switch to a partner you can trust who upholds your values and will elevate your brand as you continue to grow, expand, and promote good.





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