Meet The Team

Passion, commitment, community

We’re a team of individuals fully committed to the vision of EarthHero.
Together, we can leverage conscious consumption into positive action and wide-reaching impact.

Ryan Lewis

Founder and CEO

A dad, husband, nature junky and entrepreneur, Ryan recently left behind the more traditional world of business to follow his passion for environmental sustainability. With two decades of ecommerce experience and a desire to help tackle our society’s harmful consumption norms, EarthHero was born.

“We want to make sustainable shopping the new norm. I imagine a day when every time you want or need to buy something, it’s sustainably made. It’s a movement that’s already underway. We aim to accelerate it!”

When not in the office you’ll find him outside biking, hiking, snowboarding, trail running and playing with his family. 

Becki Woythal

Product Marketing Specialist

If anyone in the office ever has a question about sustainability, Becki is our girl. She has always felt a strong urge to change the status quo of our wasteful culture. Growing up in rural Wisconsin, she recognized a need for easier access to information about sustainability. After graduating from CU Boulder with a degree in Environmental Studies, she continued her sustainable focus through community outreach and environmental education. Her work in Zero Waste event management at Eco-Cycle, a local non-profit recycler, allowed her to understand others’ barriers to environmentally conscious living. This inspired her to make an impact by promoting change in the way we produce and consume everyday items. She aims to live in a way that inspires others to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. When she’s not working, Becki enjoys weekends in the mountains, a good hike, and anything involving food, friends, and music.

Hannah Hester

Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

Hannah immediately knew that she had found something really great when she happened across EarthHero. Surrounded by a team of forward-thinkers, every day is a crazy and new experience that really can change the world! In the office, Hannah’s the planner. From scheduling team meetings to pulling together a kick-a** team of interns, she’s the one who keeps us all on-task. She’s proud to be a part of this movement where her work can really make an impact. Outside of the office, she can be spotted at the local coffeeshop (or really anywhere her dog’s allowed!)

Lena Aboulhouda

Customer Experience Champion

It’s been quite a journey for Lena to get here. From pursuing studies in permaculture to working with a recycled apparel company, Lena’s path eventually led her to EarthHero. It wasn’t until recently that she stepped back and realized there was one thing that connected all of her experiences–the environment. Sustainability had always been something she implemented into her life, but this realization has only helped spur her passion. EarthHero couldn’t have been a better fit. Lena’s our go to people-person, problem solver, and the one we can count on to tell us how it is.

Lena’s always making someone laugh, even if it’s just herself. She approaches our customers in the same way! She’s here to make you stoked on EarthHero as a company, as a resource, and if she can put a smile on your face or get a laugh, then it’s a successful day.


Turner Campbell

Marketing Analytics Intern

Juliet Payne

Influencer Outreach Intern

Grace Pavek

Email Marketing Intern

Molly Cooper

Photography Intern