Meet The Team

Passion, commitment, community

We’re a team of individuals fully committed to the vision of EarthHero. Together, we can leverage conscious consumption into positive action and wide-reaching impact.

Ryan Lewis

Founder and CEO

A dad, husband, nature junky and entrepreneur, Ryan recently left behind the more traditional world of business to follow his passion for environmental sustainability. With two decades of ecommerce experience and a desire to help tackle our society’s harmful consumption norms, EarthHero was born. “We want to make sustainable shopping the new norm. I imagine a day when every time you want or need to buy something, it’s sustainably made. It’s a movement that’s already underway. We aim to accelerate it!” When not in the office you’ll find him at CrossFit, or outside biking, hiking, snowboarding, trail running and playing with his family. 

Jeff Day


Jeff joined the EarthHero team after a long history working alongside Ryan. From the first conversation around the idea of EarthHero, Jeff knew it wasn’t a matter of IF, but WHEN he would get involved! Jeff officially joined the EarthHero team full time in September of 2018. With over 20 years of experience in eCommerce, Jeff has worked for some very large organizations but feels more at home in a small, scrappy office with a ‘family’ culture like he found at EarthHero. He’ll admit, he’s once experienced eco-confusion when faced with the 7 different trash receptacles outside of a Whole Foods. But, now, Jeff is diving in head first into spreading the sustainability movement. He’s excited to be a part of the team, and to make EarthHero a household name for everyone.

Becki Woythal

Sustainable Sourcing Manager

If anyone in the office ever has a question about sustainability, Becki is our girl. She has always felt a strong urge to change the status quo of our wasteful culture. Growing up in rural Wisconsin, she recognized a need for easier access to information about sustainability. After graduating from CU Boulder with a degree in Environmental Studies, she continued her sustainable focus through community outreach and environmental education. Her work in Zero Waste event management at Eco-Cycle, a local non-profit recycler, allowed her to understand others’ barriers to environmentally conscious living. This inspired her to make an impact by promoting change in the way we produce and consume everyday items. She aims to live in a way that inspires others to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. When she’s not working, Becki enjoys weekends in the mountains, a good hike, and anything involving food, friends, and music.

Ellie Mersereau

Sustainable Sourcing Manager

Ellie had only been in Boulder for two weeks when she heard about EarthHero. She knew immediately that she HAD to get involved. She recently graduated from Bowdoin College with a degree in Environmental Studies and Visual Arts, which may seem like an odd combination. However, the two certainly come in handy when she’s diving into selecting what sustainable, beautiful products make the EarthHero cut! When she’s not in the office, Ellie is likely blending smoothies, reading about herbal remedies, or run-walking in the great outdoors!

Juliet Payne

Product and Marketing Content Coordinator

When Juliet became our first intern back in 2017, she never imagined how much EarthHero would grow in such a short time. After graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder with environmental studies and atmospheric science degrees, Juliet joined the team full time–working on anything and everything from social media and influencer marketing, to product data and uploads. When she’s not running around the office, you can find her doing yoga or at home with her two cats (total crazy cat lady!)

Cullen Aulwurm

Supply Chain and Operations Specialist

Cullen was born and raised in Colorado and moved to Boulder from Fort Collins for University. During his last semester he interned with EarthHero as a sustainability and operations intern and, after graduating from CU with two degrees, Operations Management and Environmental Studies, he joined the team to manage our warehouse and supply chain. Cullen is passionate about how business can affect change in our modern world, and cares deeply about the ecosystems and people that live on our planet. When he isn’t crushing it in the office, you can find Cullen hiking, running, reading a good book, watching documentaries, and playing video games.

Jen Grieco

Brand and Digital Marketing Strategist

Coming from the New York agency world as a digital marketer, Jen was on a quest to take the next step in her career at a place that prioritized its mission and its values. A dedicated sustainability nerd in her personal life, when she discovered EarthHero, her jaw dropped to the floor. The product selection was out-of-this-world – and best of all, at its core was a team 100 percent committed to making a difference. Jen knew she had to make her way to Boulder to be a part of this incredible company, and to help bring easy sustainable living to as many people as possible. In her spare time, you can find her playing with her dog Zeppy and rabbit Olie, and finding just about every way to stay active, from dancing and boxing, to yoga and hiking.

Grace Burleson

Community Experience Team

Grace hit the open road and moved from Minneapolis to Boulder to join the team after graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Sustainability Studies, Design, and Applied Business. While interning with EarthHero during undergrad, Grace found her calling –  helping people find ways to incorporate sustainability into their own lives. When she’s not buzzing around the office, you can find her testing recipes, exploring Boulder, and tending her massive house plant collection!

Daniel Cowell

Warehouse Manager

As a transplant from the all too busy northeast, Dan moved out to Colorado ten years ago to further his passion for the outdoors and do his part in protecting our environment.  When he saw the opportunity to be a part of something as consequential as EarthHero is he jumped at the chance to join the growing team.  Having worked in the outdoor industry in a variety of positions for his entire life, Dan saw the impact that a throwaway culture can have and no longer wanted to turn a blind eye to being part of the problem and wanted to start working with an amazing crew of people helping to find a solution!  When not working to optimize our warehouse operations you can try to keep up with Dan on a mountain bike or laying early morning skin tracks west of his home in Nederland with his wife and daughter.

Damir Kocer

Online Product Merchandising Associate

After cutting his teeth in the Chicago agency world, Damir began searching for a career that better aligned with his passion for sustainability. Less than six months after moving to Colorado, he found just that with the team at EarthHero. Helping to expand and improve EarthHero’s product offering, Damir loves making it as easy as possible for everyone to make more sustainable and ethical choices. When he’s not in the office, you’ll find him out on a long trail or picking up a new hobby.

Alan Bourgeois

Warehouse Support Associate

Alan is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science at the University of Colorado. Having worked various jobs through college, joining the EarthHero team was quite a shock (in a good way!). He finds it refreshing to work alongside a kind, passionate group of people who actually love what they do. Packing and shipping orders takes on real meaning here. He looks forward to a brighter future where humans are in harmony with the Earth instead of harming it. When he’s not in the warehouse, he is probably on the golf course, tennis court, basketball court, or a mountain trail on two wheels.

Noah Licata

Warehouse Communications Specialist

Noah is currently studying online at Berklee College of Music. He is a Colorado native, and grew up playing piano concerts around Boulder. He enjoys working alongside like minded people to help spread awareness of sustainable products, and a brighter future. When he’s not in the warehouse, you can find him at his studio producing music, or relaxing at home with his wife and dogs.

Ross Bolesta

Warehouse Support Associate

Ross grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and knew it was time to move out west right after he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Geology. Taking an alternative approach to working in sustainability, Ross found a home with EarthHero. Ross enjoys the close-knit work culture of EarthHero and is proud to be contributing to a sustainable future in online shopping. When Ross isn’t aspiring to be a warehouse guru like Alan Bourgeois, he enjoys rock climbing, hiking, jamming out to music and ironically monitoring his fantasy team in the hit reality TV show, The Bachelor.

Anthony Murray

Warehouse Support Associate

Anthony is a Minnesota native who moved to Colorado to escape the cold.  He enjoys long drives up the mountain and skydiving.  He is striving to reduce his carbon footprint, and he has aspirations to become a chef some day!

Danny Irving

Warehouse Support Associate

Growing up on the east coast, Danny had heard so much about life out West, and wanted to see what all the hubbub was about. He moved to Boulder hoping to find a job with a company whose ideals align with his own, and he found that and more at EarthHero! Danny sees the mission of EarthHero as a vital step in the business of e-commerce, and is so happy to be part of this growing and successful team. Outside of work, Danny loves to cook, rock climb, make a great cup of joe, and drive around. Favorite item: The Ring Veggie Brush.

Lane Martin

Warehouse Lead

A native of Boulder, Lane has never strayed far from the majestic natural playground that surrounds us here. An avid yogi, spiritualist, and hiker, his love and appreciation for Mother Earth brought him to a divine path-crossing with EarthHero and there was no question that he wanted to be involved. Learning how to tackle the task of consuming consciously and sustainably as individuals, communities, and on an even larger scale is a daunting task for all of us, and Lane is stoked to be involved in helping lay the foundation for that change.

Chris McGurrin

Sustainability & Community Experience Manager

Working in the natural and organic food industry for years, Chris developed a deep passion for sustainability and education. He always kept a close eye on EarthHero, knowing the team was building something that could change the world. As a people-Hahperson and Enneagram 7, joining the Community Experience team was a no-brainer. Chris loves building meaningful relationships and problem-solving to make people happy and support them on their own sustainability journey! Being half-Japanese and originally from New Jersey, Chris can often be found cooking Japanese and Italian food at home in Boulder CO. When he’s not in his kitchen, he’s traveling the US in his converted van, climbing every rock, skiing every patch of snow, and biking every trail of dirt he can find.

Daley Crowley

Content & Email Marketing Specialist

Daley grew up in rural Vermont where sustainable concepts like composting, gardening, and buying locally were second nature to her. Upon entering college, she realized a sustainable lifestyle wasn’t practiced by most people around her, so she quickly began to educate herself and others on the importance of protecting our planet. When Daley saw an opening on the marketing team at EarthHero, she knew it would be the perfect opportunity to use her marketing experience at a company that shares her passion for the environment – so off to Boulder she went! In her free time, Daley likes to be outdoors – gardening, swimming, hiking, picnicking, you name it!

Juliana Abbrescia

Photography Intern

Whitney Burke

Marketing and Communications Intern

Tyler Orbin

Graphic Design Intern

Roxie Pasma

Marketing and Communications Intern