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February Staff Picks: A Gift for You, a Gift for Me

This month, we’re focusing on giving – whether to ourselves or to others. With so much change going on around us, life can get pretty stressful. That’s why having items we love and value can add just a sprinkle of excitement and ease not only for February but every day.

Check out what our team chose for their eco-friendly gifts and Valentine’s Day (and really, year-round) essentials.

Easy Rider Recycled Puffy Blanket | Rumpl

“I love the retro style of this blanket and have been a huge fan of the Rumpl brand. When I first found them I was shocked that the blankets were made with all recycled material. I bought it around the holidays but have been holding onto it to gift it for Valentine’s Day!”

– Jeff, COO

Men’s Bamboo Sateen Pajama Pants| Ettitude

“I’m so excited to give my partner a pair of these sateen pj pants for Valentine’s Day. (I loved them so much I got a pair for myself too!) They’re so silky smooth and made from 100% sustainably harvested organic bamboo which requires waaaaay less water and energy to be grown than cotton does. Ettitude also sets high standards for the safety of their factories. We can both sleep easy knowing that only the good stuff went into making these pants. Highly recommend!”

– Daley, Email Marketing Specialist

Vintage Text Message Greeting Cards 8pk | Graphic Anthology

“When our crazy talented product sourcing team found these, I literally smiled from ear to ear and shouted with impulsive excitement that “I need those!”. In a world where we are all inundated with text messages at all hours of every day, these are sure to deliver great energy to anybody in your life that receives them. It’s the perfect way to express some good ol’ fashion love, in a super fun and simple way.”

– Ryan, CEO & Founder

Nymph Nectar Superfruit Radiance Balm| Earth Harbor

“This product has become my all-time favorite for my night routine. Not only does it smell like I’m on the beach sipping a fresh fruit juice, but it feels thick and luxurious on my skin, all without clogging my pores. Plus, as a Florida native, I love any company that protects marine life!”

– Osiris, Digital Marketing Specialist

Bamboo Sateen Sheet Set | Ettitude

“I sleep with 2 cats and a dog, and with other sheets, I would get super warm in the night. These bamboo sheets are SO breathable, cozy, and soft – plus I love that they’re antimicrobial for my stinky dog. I also recommend the matching duvet cover!”

– Juliet, Content and Marketing Partnership Strategist

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