Brush with Bamboo

The Kumar family was your typical American family: for 26 years, they lived in a small suburban home in Southern California, going about their daily lives. It wasn't until 2008 when they came up with the idea of turning their home into an organic permaculture garden that things started to get interesting. What was once a plain green lawn was transformed into a wonderful garden consisting of 70 fruit trees and 50 different types of vegetables, all together producing nearly 5,000 pounds of food per year! Soon, their home was a model of suburban sustainable living for all to see, aptly named The Growing Home. This was the foundation for what would soon be the Kumar family company, Brush with Bamboo.

While they worked to share the message of sustainability, the Kumar family realized the truth about plastic: it never decomposes! Plastic is an entirely synthetic, man-made material, and every piece of plastic ever created is still in existence. While there are many forms of plastic products today, the Kumar family decided to focus on toothbrushes. Not only is the average plastic toothbrush made entirely of plastic, but so is the packaging. This revelation inspired Brush with Bamboo, a company dedicated to plastic free, eco-friendly dental hygiene.

From sustainably harvested and compostable bamboo brush handles, to plant-based brush bristles, and even fully compostable packaging, Brush with Bamboo's pioneering toothbrush is here to change the way we think about our daily brush!
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