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Sustainability consulting

Year after year, your customers and team members rank corporate social responsibility as an ever higher priority for making purchases and choosing where to work. The public is calling for businesses that are purpose-driven, trustworthy, socially responsible, and sustainable.

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In collaboration with Kosmenko & Co

Impact Business Consulting

Is your business up to par?

Strengthen your company by embedding purpose, sustainability and social responsibility across your culture and operations. Kosmenko & Co.’s road-tested consulting methodology includes technical analysis of your risks and opportunities, coupled with expert facilitation to help you overcome roadblocks to change.

Meet Kosmenko & Co

Kimberly Kosmenko and her team advise clients on impact business strategy, impact measurement, and meeting customer demand for sustainable products and services.

Kosmenko & Co. offers full-service consulting from executive strategy development, to wonky technical analysis, to professional development skill training for employees. 

Kimberly Kosmenko is an impact business strategist, business owner, and educator. While her work spans global, multicultural organizations, she has deep roots in the small business community. As an educator, Kimberly teaches inclusive leadership, business, and public speaking at the University of Colorado Boulder. Kosmenko & Co. has been a Certified B Corp since 2016.

We know you want to work with a consultant that understands your business. Our team has successfully advised companies ranging from high-energy startups to traditional Fortune 500s.

We won’t just give you an academic set of recommendations. We’ll work with you, every step of the way, to meet your goals.

Let's work together

Due to popular demand, EarthHero has sought out a consultant partner that can uphold EarthHero's values and that we're proud to stand behind. You'll receive the customer experience and partnership that you've come to expect through EarthHero, and your company will benefit from the top-notch expertise that Kosmenko & Co provides!



“I work with one of the largest financial cooperatives in the US. [...] Kimberly helped us to create our sustainability vision and plan through a series of interviews and workshops. Kimberly’s deep knowledge as well as her dynamic personality not only helped us shape our goals, but also made it fun. Kimberly had the answers. As my team executes on that plan – with Kimberly’s support – I’m confident our organization will reach our goals for sustainability leadership.”

Jill Guzzo, Global Sustainability Program Manager @ United Nations Federal Credit Union

“Kimberly Kosmenko came onboard to the Humana account during our busiest time of the year. Her leadership, industry knowledge and sustainability expertise allowed her and the rest of [her] team to quickly come up to speed with the account. Under her leadership, the team surpassed my expectations.

Nick Nosko, Workplace Manager @ Humana

What others are saying about kosmenko & co

Kimberly Kosmenko is one of the most talented community-builders, facilitators, and strategic thinkers I've ever had the privilege of working with. She is rigorous and deeply knowledgeable in the substance of her work. Kimberly is a gem, truly a 'servant leader' in the finest tradition.

Kim Coupounas, Global Ambassador @ B Lab

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From event swag to employee gifts, choose mindful products that protect our planet and reduce waste. Customization options available on hundreds of eco-friendly items!

Create custom, eco-friendly gift assortments that show intention and care. Choose from thousands of products, and work directly with the EarthHero team for the perfect arrangement!

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