1.8 Gal Compost Bin Replacement Charcoal Filters 2 Pack

Natural Home Brands 1.8 Gal Compost Bin Replacement Charcoal Filters 2 Pack

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Replace the charcoal filters in your 1.8 gallon compost bins with this handy two pack! You can keep vegetable scraps, egg shells, and coffee grounds out of the landfill without noticing the smell of compost. Changing the filter helps keep your compost bin fresh, so you'll have to empty it less often. If this filter is too large to fit in your compost bin, it can easily be cut down to the correct size with scissors!

Natural Home Brands

Natural Home Brands believes that creating sustainable homes is a crucial step in the movement towards overall sustainable living. They carefully select environmentally-friendly, socially responsible materials to create durable, long lasting products. Natural Home Brands believes that people making an effort to live more sustainably shouldn't have to put up with poor quality, and works hard to create products that are just as good as their non-green counterparts, if not better. Their products both look and feel good, all while containing zero plastic and keeping your home and family safe.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
René P.
Keep smell out!

This is a good filter for our compost pail. It does it job even onions!
I agreed with the other reviewer about the plastic to contain the filters.

It works well! My compost

It works well! My compost bin is a smaller size, so I just cut the disk down and it was fine. I agree with other users that the plastic packaging is a major bummer, which is why I docked a point.

Plastic Packaging

I forgot about the reviews that mentioned the plastic wrap these filters come in. I'm using them to filter water for my plants since they have activated charcoal, and they have a low price.

Plastic Packaging

These filters work wonders when it comes to keeping the smells of compost contained. I was pretty disappointed that the filters come in a plastic bag though. To me, this contradicts the fact that I am trying to compost, as plastic takes forever to break down and I'm trying to have a positive impact on the environment by composting. I would love to see a change in packaging!

Sara N.
No complaints

We've been using these filters for over a year and I've had no issues. I'm amazed that they block the smell (we keep our compost on the counter) and they fit great. We typically replace them every ~4 months. As for the plastic they come in, I actually take my soft plastics to a hard-to-recycle center in town, so that's not been an issue for me.

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