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January Staff Picks: Level up your Sustainability Journey

This month, we focused on the sustainability journey we’re each on which start at different points and touch on different topics. And while our journeys may all be different, we are all in this together.

Check out what our Product Team chose for their sustainable “level ups”. What are yours?

Sustainable Plant Food | DEN

“As an avid gardener and houseplant parent, I was so excited to find a plant food that helps revitalize my plants while also being sustainable. So many plant fertilizers and soils use harmful synthetic ingredients, peat moss, and lots of plastic. DEN uses none of these! They source all the natural materials in their products sustainably and within 500 miles of their headquarters in San Francisco. Plus, all of their product packaging is compostable, so it can be added right into your garden to decompose. Zero-waste gardening at its best!”

– Leigh, Sustainable Sourcing Specialist

Wooden Smartphone Speaker | Bitti Gitti

“Before purchasing anything, I always think about the end of life of the product. Where will it go when I’m finished with it? How long will this item stick around? For this reason (and others!), the Wooden Speaker from Bitti Gitti has been such a fun addition to my home. Not only does it function as beautiful decor, but I love that it amplifies my music and podcasts without any cords, batteries, or plastics.”

– Ellie, Sustainable Sourcing Manager

Ethical Wool Molded Sole Slipper | Kyrgies

“These are some of the coziest slippers I have ever used! They are sturdy enough for use outdoors on occasion but soft enough for me to keep them on all day during my WFH days. Such a great addition to keeping warm this winter!”

– Brie, Sustainable Sourcing Manager

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