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Interview with Crimson Goods

Meet Niko Dellios, one of the founders of Crimson Goods, a climate positive company. But what do climate positive products truly mean in our changing climate, and how could they change the way the world does business? We interviewed Niko to get the full scoop.

What is the Crimson Goods story? What inspired you to want to make your products?

The idea for Crimson and climate positive products came to light while our founder, Niko Dellios was sitting on his laptop (powered by a solar battery pack) in the devastated USVI after hurricane Irma. He was thinking of ways he could help fix the world’s climate issues. He wanted to actually reverse the global climate problem and only one real solution came to mind. Bring products to the consumer market that don’t hurt the planet and actively help to reduce the problem.

Once we had our central focus of Climate Positivity and a way of properly accounting for and positively offsetting production, we then looked to sustainably developing products that we already use and love. Naturally, our first two products were natural surf wax and organic coconut oil. Surfing is a common thread in the Crimson team, so we go through a fair amount of wax. A totally natural wax alternative to synthetic surf wax options provides a solution to the suffering reefs and marine life.

Most of us were familiar with coconut oil for cooking, and following our marketing director’s claim for its use as a great natural bug repellent, we charged full steam ahead to create cold pressed coconut oil for topical uses and cooking.

What does “climate change” mean to you? How has a changing climate impact your own lives?

Climate change and pollution affects us both on an ideological and physical level.

Ideologically, it pains us to truly understand how much we are f-ing up the planet. We use layman’s terms when we discuss these issues, because passion gets lost in science. There’s not enough time to act like nothing is happening, when the roof is being ripped from the foundation of your home in a category 5 hurricane, or slowly forgetting that seeing blue skies in your city is not the standard.

We know that our brand cannot solve all the problems in the world, but we wanted to create a line of products that could have a simple impact. At least, with our brand we know from a carbon footprint perspective, the products help reduce the carbon problem, and actively educate the world.

What are some of the main goals for Crimson Goods? What are some of Crimsons goals looking into the future?

Education, waste reduction, and everyday offsets. We’d like to provide product solutions for most aspects of the average daily life. Solutions that reduce waste, offset daily consumer footprints, and make people question their habits. We see this happening with bulk (package-free) solutions, and locally sourcing as much as possible.

What does “climate positive” mean in terms of your products? How is “climate positive”different from “carbon neutral”? How do the carbon offsets that come with your products create an impact?

Climate Positive products prevent more carbon dioxide than they create.

How do we do this? By calculating the level of CO2 impact caused by each product. To do this we take into account production, manufacturing, packaging and shipping. Once we know the impact, we calculate how much CO2 is needed to make the product carbon neutral and purchase an offsets via CHOOOSE. They reduces the amount carbon emissions big industry players (polluters) can get away with. But we don’t stop there. We then add an additional offset amount to make the product more than carbon neutral. This means that every Crimson products actually prevents more CO2 than needed to create it, and the extra offsets the daily lives of our community of consumers, that’s climate positive.

If you could have everyone on the planet do one thing to positively impact our changing climate, what would it be?

The biggest / easiest thing we can do it change our diets. Everyone needs to reduce their meat consumption and fully stop eating beef. It’s proven that methane from cows is actually 23X worse per unit than carbon from transportation. Not to mention, the clearing of forests, backward food supply chain that’s needs to produce cattle.

All together meat is really tough on the environment for not a whole lot of net benefit. We suggest a homemade black bean burger cooked in climate positive organic coconut oil, wink, wink.

How has Crimson grown since day 1? What challenges have you faced being such a unique company?

So many realities about the consumer goods market. With our “Climate Positive” business model, it’s been a crazy battle considering where sacrifices must be made in the supply chain and beyond. We would love to be champions of sustainability, and climate positivity, and habit change, and social influencing, and outdoor specialism, and conservationism, and material development…etc.

We’ve realized that supporting a global market in a “Climate Positive” way is ultimately progress. Sourcing goods from overseas to the U.S., if properly considering carbon costs, can be a solution, if the product doesn’t exist locally. We face these questions daily.

What do you do in your daily lives to live more sustainably?

Diet is the first frontier; keeping a local, very low meat diet is a big one. Mainly working remote (working from home) has definitely reduced our transportation footprint, and composting at home!

What’s your favorite Crimson Goods product?

Coconut Oil! It’s so versatile. Coconut oil on everything, with everything, for everything, seriously. The whole team uses it in some way every day. Brings back nostalgia of early morning surf sessions in Costa and SE Asia. Oh yeah, another goal of Crimson’s: [an] US based coconut farm.

What’s something unique Crimson Goods has done that your customers might want to know about?

We are gearing up to launch a wholesale distribution of paper straws! So if you or anyone you know has a restaurant or is doing an event and needs paper straws, hit us up! Plus, look out for “Climate Positive” events soon in California and beyond. Crimson will be diving into the “Climate Positive” space for experiences as well as products.

Crimson Goods x EarthHero

Simply put, Crimson is changing the way we think about shopping. Every product comes with a carbon offset, which makes the product “carbon neutral” (meaning it neither produces nor reduces our carbon emissions). Because big industry polluters are only allowed to have a certain number of carbon emissions permits, when we purchase them with Crimson products, we take them away from the big polluters who want them–which offsets CO2 emissions. This makes YOU climate positive (yay!), with most of their products reducing the amount of carbon emissions created by a roundtrip flight from Denver to Los Angeles. The end result is you get an awesome product, while preventing more CO2 then you create–which is reversing the impact of climate change! It’s not a charity. It’s a new way of consuming.


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