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As a society, our lives are getting busier and busier. Increased stress is leading to rising cases of anxiety and depression. To find calm and peace in our daily routines means taking time to slow down and be with ourselves. We need to find more time to be present and to quiet our hurried minds. Meditation provides this space. This is where project full comes in. With their organic support cushions, they are working to bring mindfulness back into everyday lives.

project full was started by husband-and-wife duo and architects, Kali and Steven. With a commitment to helping others live a more mindful life, they wanted to create beautiful, ethical, and sustainable products that would inspire others to start a daily meditation practice of their own. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, each product is handmade with intention to inspire and support an eco-conscious meditation practice. The team at project full believes that once meditation becomes a routine, the same sense of calm and peace can reflect into every day.
Organic Cotton Scented Eye Pillow

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Organic Cotton Floor Cushion

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Organic Cotton Meditation Support Cushion
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Meditation made simple.

project full prioritizes sustainability. From the organic fills and the recycled cotton and hemp covers to the partner manufacturers and suppliers, they take every step to ensure each product is made thoughtfully and with the best materials possible. A core initiative of project full is 100% organic and this is easily seen in every material used to make their support products. Each floor cushion is filled with GOTS Certified organic cotton batting, a durable and soft natural fiber that is grown without the harsh pesticides or chemicals used in conventional farming. Growing cotton organically also means preserving and protecting the health of soils, waterways, and the people cultivating the crops. The support cushions are filled with organic buckwheat hulls, grown organically by farmers from Canada and the US and milled in Upstate New York. The hulls provide optimal firmness to aid proper posture during meditation or any seated activity. Using buckwheat hulls allows for a long-lasting cushion fill that at the end of life can be composted in your backyard. Every cushion is covered using either 100% GOTS certified organic cotton or recycled organic and hemp fabric. By using recycled fabric, project full is able to reduce the number of resources used to create their support products while also helping reduce textile waste, the third most polluting industry after fuel and agriculture. project full also focuses on using the most ethical and sustainable production. Every hand that takes part in creating each cushion is paid a living wage and has excellent and safe working conditions. Working with manufacturers in California and across the US, project full prioritizes partners that also have a strong focus on sustainability. Each piece is proudly handmade in Santa Rosa, CA by a local manufacturer that actively works to employ local BIPOC as well as support the local unhoused within their community. They even have a community garden available at their office for employees to use! Supporting marginalized groups in gaining access to mindfulness and meditation is a core goal of project full. With each purchase, a percentage of the profit is donated to nonprofit organizations that work to bring safe spaces and wellness to underserved communities. Using their architectural backgrounds, Kali and Steven also complete community-based projects that bring the practice of meditation to high schools and community centers. They have contributed to a wellness classroom at St. Mary's High in Florida and collaborated with local San Francisco high school students in the design/build of a meditation pavilion at a local community garden! project full believes in a mindful and sustainable lifestyle for everyone!

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