While working for a waste management company co-owned by their father, Nudnik founders and twin sisters, Lindsay and Alex Lorusso, experienced firsthand how much waste the textile and fashion industry produced. After seeing landfills full of high-quality fabric, tossed away simply because of irregular shapes, they saw an opportunity to revolutionize the way we treat our fabric off-cuts. Together, the sisters knew they could take the best of what was left behind the most sustainably grown, ethically processed, and best quality fabric and give it new life!

Nudnik crafts fun, comfortable, and whimsical children's clothing that makes the most of the organic, natural off-cut fabrics they're made from a.k.a. all the pieces that get left behind when you make any t-shirt or pair of pants. These aren't just any off-cuts either, Nudnik only uses natural, organic fibers that are comfortable, breathable, biodegradable, and won't shed microplastics or toxic chemicals like some synthetic or lower quality fabrics do. Nudnik's mindfully designed clothing is cleaning up the fashion industry's waste problem one playful colorblock jumper at a time!
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Waste is our Greatest Resource

Every year, the fashion industry disposes of enough off-cut fabric to make six t-shirts for every adult on the planet! Rather than consider these uniquely-sized and shaped fabric pieces as waste, Nudnik utilizes them to create vivaciously designed clothes any kid would be thrilled to wear. Their clothes are made from the best jersey fabric with GOTS, OKEO-TEX, SA-8000, FAIRTRADE, and UPMADE certifications across their entire sourcing and production process. That means that not only are their products made with organic and ethically sourced fabrics and that their dyes are all non-toxic and chemical-free, but everyone along the supply chain is treated humanely and with respect. Plus, Nudnik even purposefully makes their clothes sized slightly larger than standard, extending their use for growing little ones. Nudnik believes that sustainability is about more than just the products themselves, it's also about the people who make them. Nudnik's manufacturing partner is Kishor Exports, an organization that is not only certified in all the important ways mentioned above, but also powers its manufacturing facilities with renewable energy, provides support to acid attack survivors, and was awarded ‚Best Corporate Social Responsibilities Practicesby the CSR World Congress in 2017. Nudnik believes in having partners, not suppliers, and they work to ensure that every person who makes their clothing is treated properly and paid fairly. As a brand focused on the health of the planet, Nudnik keeps end-of-life top of mind for their products and packaging. While their clothing is made to be worn or donated over and over again, when a jumper or tee can no longer be passed on, you can rest assured knowing that thanks to their carefully selected organic cotton and chemical-free dye, it's also 100% industrially compostable leaving no harmful chemicals or microplastics behind! Organic cotton has more benefits than just degrading quickly, however. The same things that make it safe for composting also mean that it's a light, comfortable, and breathable material whose natural makeup makes it safe and pleasant to wear for even the most sensitive kiddo skin. Nudnik's hangtags also carry an FSC Certification and are made from entirely recycled and uncoated paper that's printed with toxic-free inks, and their garment bags are compostable and their shipping packaging is made entirely from recycled kraft paper!

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