Costa Nova

Born in Portugal, Costa Nova prides itself on quality and design with their beautifully crafted ceramics. The company is located in a small Portuguese fishing village called Vagos and has grown alongside the village. Costa Nova exemplifies Portugal's rich history and culture of high quality ceramics. Much of the color and design inspiration for the ceramic products comes from the unique, colorful architecture that is abundant in Vagos and the rest of Portugal. Costa Nova products can be found in luxury hotels, restaurants, and retailers all over the world and they are proud to spread their Portuguese heritage as far as possible.

Costa Nova, along with their parent company Grestel, has always shown dedication to the environment through their meticulous process and high quality product. They are focused on making their products eco-friendly, reusable, and recyclable. Everything from the firing process, which uses around 50%-70% less energy than most ceramics, to the recyclable packaging materials, exemplify the brand's dedication to sustainability.

Inspired by Portugal

Not only is Costa Nova incredibly beautiful, but every piece is made with intention. Each part of Costa Nova's production process takes place in the same factory in Portugal. This reduces unnecessary shipping emissions, and allows them to control every aspect of the process to ensure sustainability. The factory uses energy efficient equipment and is powered in part by solar panels. The factory also has their own wastewater treatment plan which allows for the reintroduction of wastewater into the process and saves water in general. Costa Nova uses a unique single firing process which uses 50%-70% less energy than the more common double firing process, they also use the excess heat from the kiln to power other factory processes. All of Costa Nova's products are eco-friendly, reusable, and recyclable. All of their ceramics contain at least some amount of recycled materials‚ typically recycled clay and glazes from previous products. Costa Nova has even created their own raw material which they call Eco-Gres. Eco-Gres ceramics are made of at least 90% recycled materials, using leftover clay waste produced by their factory. Costa Nova's product packaging is always recyclable and sustainable as well. Their boxes are made of a recyclable kraftliner paper and they use recycled paper tape. Additionally, 99% of their packaging is plastic free and they aim to make that 100% in the near future.

Time Well-Spent

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