Friends, surfers, and environmental activists David, Kevin, and Ben founded Bureo after traveling around the world and finding polluted oceans everywhere they went. As passionate ocean-lovers, they decided that they wanted to take action to make a difference and change the way people think about waste. Chile's vast coastline and booming fishing community made it the perfect place for Bureo to begin its journey.

The team began working closely with local Chilean fishermen to find ways to collect discarded fishnets and transform them into something fun and positive. Enter skateboards. Fun, in-line with their surfer lifestyles, and an efficient, sustainable form of transportation, they were the perfect solution. Today, Bureo's Chilean recycling program is called Net Positiva, and it is responsible for collecting discarded fish nets that are then melted down and re-created into Bureo's signature skateboards and sunglasses.

Nets to Decks

Bureo's recycling program Net Positiva helps change the way that people think about waste. Bureo believes that everything has a purpose, and that discarded fish nets are no exception. Their recycling program provides collection points that empower people to dispose of their fishing nets responsibly, diminishing the amount of harmful materials that enter our oceans. After the nets are collected, they are washed, shredded and melted into pellets, which are then injected into molds that form Bureo's products. To date, Bureo's programs have recycled over 80,000 KG of discarded materials and 202,320 square feet of fishing nets. Bureo's products not only reduce plastic pollution in our oceans, they also work to educate people about waste in general. Net Positiva educates fishermen and locals in Chile firsthand about the correct way to recycle, and the amazing things that can come from it. By creating fun products out of materials that most people disregard, Bureo shows the entire world how to think outside the box and value the seemingly invaluable. Most importantly, they show us that it's possible to combine sustainability and education with passion, and that making an impactful difference can be fun and creative.

Time Well-Spent

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