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Who They Are

Inspired when his son, Cole, dug up plastic on a Hawaiian beach, founder Jeremy Lang began asking questions about the impact of plastic on our planet. This led to his creation of Pela’s innovative phone cases, made with a toxin free-plant based material called Flaxstic. Lang understands that sustainability is a movement, and strives towards constant improvement in leading Pela towards an even more eco-friendly future! His goal is to reduce our heavy dependence on plastic by providing a creative alternative for an everyday item. Pela’s simple, beautiful phone cases are making sustainable an attractive option in a plastic-filled world.

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Why We Like Them

Pela’s unique material that makes up their phone cases is a great step in reducing our dependence on petroleum. By turning towards plant-based content in their products, they’re offering an alternative that’s toxin-free and meets ASTM 6400 biodegradability standards. Their cases are created using 45% biobased content, and they’re determined to improve that number until they reach 100%. By working with bioplastic companies, they’re making improvements in the production and sourcing process, aiding the movement towards new and better practices.

They’re focused on sustainability from all angles, including using recycled packaging to ship their products. As a member of 1% for the Planet, they’re donating at least 1% of their sales to environmentally focused causes, furthering their positive impact even more. Pela Cases show that sustainable can be beautiful, with their elegant colors and simple shape. By offering a sustainable option to an everyday product, Pela hopes to play a role in making eco-friendly design the new normal.

  • 1% for the Planet
    1% for the Planet
  • Recycled Packaging
    Recycled Packaging
  • Plant Based Resin
    Plant Based Resin

This company partners with 1% for the Planet, a nonprofit organization that helps promote environmental stewardship. Members commit to donating at least 1% of their sales to the program, which helps connect them to high-impact environmental nonprofits across the globe.

This product is packaged or shipped in materials that contain recycled content.

Plant Based Resins are used as an alternative to fully-synthetic plastics. Instead of using Petroleum as the main base ingredient to form plastic, some companies have started replacing a portion of the ingredients with plant and vegetable extracts. This lowers the amount of resources extracted to create purely synthetic products, and often provides a use for agricultural byproducts such as corn or flax. Some plant based resins are made from 100% plant materials, and can be composted in industrial facilities. EarthHero recommends checking with your local compost facility to determine which items are safe to compost.

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