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Who They Are

Natural Home Brands believes that helping every house become an eco-friendly home is a foundational step in the positive movement towards sustainable living. From detailed attention to sustainability regarding everything from the raw materials to the packaging they’re delivered in, Natural Home Brands aims to prove that eco-friendly can still be durable and affordable. They believe that caring for the planet begins in the home, and that through eco-friendly products, they can grow better communities and worlds for generations now and to come. They are innovative at the core of their business, utilizing their self-invented durable Molded Bamboo® in many of their products. This and their use of other sustainable materials allows them to stay true to a no-plastic, 100% BPA free promise.

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Why We Like Them

Natural Home Brands works to debunk some of the biggest misconceptions about sustainable living. Many people believe that eco-friendly products are less effective than their non-green counterparts, or that sustainable living has to be expensive. Natural Home Brands is living proof that this is not the case at all with their competitive prices and long-lasting products.

Natural Home Brands makes products that are strong, versatile, and stylish, while refusing to use an unsustainable staple in the kitchen industry: plastic. They take advantage of creative sustainable materials that are not only better for the planet, but in many cases, hold up better than their traditional alternatives! Their durable Bamboo is stronger than oak and doesn’t rely on pesticides to grow. Because the plant is so dense, water or bacteria have a hard time absorbing, providing a clean surface that will last for years.

What happens when a product needs the same smooth shape and color that plastic provides? Natural Home Brands has invented a new material called MOBOO®, or Molded Bamboo®. By shaving the bamboo down to sawdust, creating a bamboo fiber from the dust, and then adding color and a plant-based binder, they have achieved a beautiful material that can be molded into any shape.

Outside of bamboo, Natural Home Brands has found better alternatives for other materials too! They use cork, pulled from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, in many of their products. Through a process called stripping, cork can be harvested up to 16 times from a tree over its lifetime! Materials like recycled glass and recycled stainless steel are utilized in their products as well.

Natural Home Brands also works to promote sustainable living in all different areas of life by educating people about the benefits of re-using, composting, and recycling everyday.

  • Sustainable Lifestyle
    Sustainable Lifestyle
  • Bamboo
  • Cork
  • Recycled Stainless Steel
    Recycled Stainless Steel
  • Organic Cotton
    Organic Cotton

This product helps promote a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether it encourages re-use and the movement away from disposable products, or it promotes sustainable actions like recycling and composting, this product can help you lower your environmental footprint.

As a member of the grass family, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. It requires no irrigation, pesticides or fertilizers to grow, and can be harvested within 3-5 years, as compared to approximately 30+ years for traditional hardwoods. Bamboo is extremely adaptable and produces more oxygen per acre than large tree species, while using a fraction of the water to grow. Its durable and lightweight qualities make bamboo a great alternative for hard wood products!

Cork is a renewable resource, as cork trees can be harvested without cutting down the tree. The bark is stripped from the cork tree once every 9-12 years, and the trees can live for 200-300 years when harvested properly. Natural cork is biodegradable, and can be recycled into anything from yoga blocks to flooring.

Recycled stainless steel utilizes steel salvaged from used products and construction materials, as well as scraps left over from the production of other items. It is durable and long lasting, and can be recycled with scrap metal collections at the end of any stainless steel product’s life. Steel can be infinitely recycled and maintains its quality throughout each recycling process. This eliminates the extraction of natural resources required to produce new steel, while providing a new life for materials that could otherwise end up in the landfill.

Organic cotton production uses zero chemical pesticides and fertilizers, promoting a healthier use of land and decreasing harmful agricultural runoff. By steering clear of toxic chemicals, workers experience less exposure to hazardous conditions, promoting social responsibility as well as environmental stewardship. Plus, farming methods for organic cotton have been shown to use up to 20% less water than nonorganic production methods. Choosing organic cotton eliminates the use of insecticides and other harmful chemicals, promotes efficient resource use, and results in a safer products and a cleaner planet!

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