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Who They Are

Natural Dog Company founder, Elise Davis, has always had a love for animals. Since she was little, while other girls played with their dolls, she was constantly playing with her stuffed animals. As she grew older and gained a love for non-toxic products, her two loves came together to form the Natural Dog Company.

Elise developed the idea for the Natural Dog Company after she was diagnosed with a debilitating disease. The doctors told her there was no cure and sent her home with a handful of chemical-heavy prescriptions. Elise couldn’t believe it, and without any knowledge of her condition, tossed out her prescriptions and looked towards a more holistic approach.

She quickly found that a lifestyle change would be the best way towards returning her health. She decided to maintain a healthy diet, and cut out unnatural preservatives and chemicals. Elise then enrolled in college to become a Master Herbalist and Nutrition Consultant. How is this relevant to the Natural Dog Company, you ask? After Elise was diagnosed, her dogs were with her through all the struggles and changes that she faced as she started her new life. Elise started to live a more holistic lifestyle, and realized the same positive effects she felt could also benefit her dogs as well!

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Why We Like Them

The Natural Dog Company is devoted to providing natural and effective healing solutions for dogs. Founder Elise Davis merged her passion for holistic health and pet care in hopes of providing pet owners with the highest quality, most natural, and most effective healing products for our best friend!

The ingredients used in the Natural Dog Company’s products are organic, all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. Using only organic ingredients means that none of their products are touched by chemical-heavy pesticides, meaning only the best for you and your pets! Since their products are also vegan and cruelty-free, you can rest easy knowing that no animals were harmed in order to create their products. 

In addition to sustainable ingredients, The Natural Dog Company aims to look out for the planet through their packaging as well. They offer a plastic-free version of most of their products, meaning you can deliver healthy, natural formulas in reusable and recyclable tins, or package-free soap bars!

The Natural Dog Company honors and respects the work of those who open their homes and hearts to animals in need. This is why the Natural Dog Company has worked with hundreds of rescues and non-profits all over the world and plans on continuing to do so! They believe that together, we can all help those who can’t help themselves.

  • Phthalate Free
    Phthalate Free
  • Sulfate Free
    Sulfate Free

  • Organic Content
  • Vegan
  • Safe & Fair Labor
    Safe and Fair Labor
  • Handmade
  • Made in the USA
    Made in the USA

Phthalates are found in toys, electronics, personal care products, plastic wraps, containers, and more. These petroleum based chemicals help soften plastics, and bind fragrances to perfumes, deodorants, creams, and other personal care products. Phthalates are are not chemically bound, meaning they can easily get released into the air, water, or your body, just by using the products as intended. Phthalates have been found to disrupt the endocrine system, which can cause reproductive damage, hormonal imbalances, infertility, mood changes, metabolism changes, and more.

Sulfates are synthetic chemical ingredients commonly used in beauty products and household cleaners, like shampoos and dish soaps. You can usually identify sulfates in an ingredients list by looking out for the most common types: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLC) and Sodium Laureth Sulfates (SLES). These chemicals, often derived from petroleum, are used to help form the “lather” we’re used to seeing in our beauty and cleaning products. When used in the shower or sink, these chemicals can flow through the pipes and into our waterways. Synthetic sulfates have been linked to allergic reactions, eye and skin irritation, and hair loss, and some studies suggest they contain carcinogenic ingredients.

Organic materials and ingredients are grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers, promoting a healthier use of land and decreasing harmful agricultural runoff. By steering clear of toxic chemicals, farm workers experience less exposure to hazardous conditions, promoting social responsibility as well as environmental stewardship. Choosing organic materials eliminates the use of insecticides and other harmful chemicals, promotes efficient resource use, and results in a safer products and a cleaner planet!

This product does not contain any animal products or byproducts, and has not been tested on animals.

We support safe and fair labor practices when producing sustainable products. This company cares for their workers by fostering a safe work environment and providing their employees with fair wage.

We support small businesses and craftspeople who create each of their products with care. Handmade products are generally produced on a small scale, without the use of large energy consuming factories and production facilities. Buying handmade helps support art, communities, and people’s livelihoods.

This product was made in the United States. Buying locally made items helps to reduce harmful emissions that result from transportation during and after the production process. Purchasing products made in the United States also ensures that the items are produced in ways that meet strict safety and labor standards.

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