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On average, a child uses around 7,000 disposable diapers before they start potty training! Each of those diapers takes around 500 years to decompose in a local landfill. Imagine that diaper still existing when your child’s great, great-grandchild is born! Kim Ormby, frustrated about the lack of eco-friendly and organic solutions offered to parents trying to diaper sustainably, set out to do something about it.

Kim crafted the Montanna Diaper Company, an online retailer that she operated out of her laundry room. As both her babies and the brand began to grow, Kim expanded and began The Natural Baby Company while designing and producing GroVia reusable diapers. The team at GroVia has made it their mission to offer eco-friendly products that help parents nurture and grow their babies. Offering stylish, practical, and eco-friendly alternative to disposables, the GroVia diapers, and accessories line is helping moms and dads all over reduce their waste and make simple swaps that have both the planet and your babies in mind.

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Why We Like Them

We are all on board with waste reduction products! GroVia not only helps keep disposables out of landfills but they also offer so many styles and colors in their collection that both mommas and momma earth are smiling ear to ear about it. The company is committed to solutions for families with different lifestyles, budgets, and needs to have access to cloth diaper alternatives. 

Many of GroVia’s products adhere to Organic Exchange and Global Organic Textile Standards which involve a rigorous audit to ensure that GroVia cotton has a minimal impact on the environment from water usage, pesticide usage, and land care. The team is not only focused on empowering the planet, but they also want to help mommas everywhere make educated decisions when it comes to raising their little ones. By empowering their employees and customers with knowledge, they are making a positive impact on the planet through natural parenting, one diaper at a time.

  • GOTS Certified
    GOTS Certified
  • Organic Cotton
    Organic Cotton

The Global Organic Textile Standard is an international processing standard for organic fibers that covers everything from processing, packaging, and distributing organic fibers. GOTS certified products are labeled organic if they contain 95% or more certified organic fibers, and are labeled as “made with organic” if they contain at least 70% organic fibers. GOTS assures that textiles are produced with socially responsible labor and environmentally conscious manufacturing. Certified textiles must follow guidelines on chemical use, energy and water consumption, safety and living standards for employees, waste produced throughout the manufacture process, and more.

Organic cotton production uses zero chemical pesticides and fertilizers, promoting a healthier use of land and decreasing harmful agricultural runoff. By steering clear of toxic chemicals, workers experience less exposure to hazardous conditions, promoting social responsibility as well as environmental stewardship. Plus, farming methods for organic cotton have been shown to use up to 20% less water than nonorganic production methods. Choosing organic cotton eliminates the use of insecticides and other harmful chemicals, promotes efficient resource use, and results in a safer products and a cleaner planet!

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