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Who They Are

Green Tones was founded on the belief that every child is born with a connection to music and with the nurturing touch from parents, that special relationship to sound grows. Not only is music an integral part of fun playtime for children, but also central for all stages of cognitive development. Every time you sing and make music with your child, or enable them to do so themselves, they are creating neuro-connections in their brains that grow stronger with every bang of a drum or shake of a maraca. Similar to language, this connection flourishes when performed regularly. As part of HOHNER, Inc., a professional musical instrument company with over 160+ years in the making, Green Tones encourages active music making - helping children to develop their cognitive abilities.

Each musical instrument that Green Tones offers is designed for different stages of your child’s life. From shaker animals made for smaller hands to bear-shaped xylophones that help your baby grip and bang, these award-winning and adorable designs are a perfect way to encourage play and bond with your little one. Simple wooden features with all natural and eco-friendly materials help stimulate baby’s brain differently than plastic-light up toys. These discovery toys are great for playpen time, sibling bonding, home-schooling lessons, and even in-school music classes.

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Why We Like Them

All of Green Tones instruments are designed in the USA and sustainably and ethically made in India. Not only have the products passed the rigorous CPSIA, ASTM, CCPSA, and CPSC safety tests, but they are also made from chemical-free rubberwood and mango wood that is sustainably harvested. Bonded with non-toxic glues and water-based VOC free paints, these toys are perfectly safe for your child to put in their mouth.

In addition to their eco-friendly sourcing methods, Green Tones also gives back 1% of their sales to dedicated environmental organizations as a member of 1% for the planet. You can feel good knowing that you’re enhancing your child’s connection to music while also supporting the preservation of our planet.

  • Rubberwood - EarthHero
  • 1% for the Planet
    1% for the Planet
  • Sustainably Harvested Wood
    Sustainably Harvested Wood
  • Recycled Packaging
    Recycled Packaging
  • Low Impact Dyes
    Low Impact Dyes

Rubberwood is a hardwood harvested from rubber trees, which are tapped to to collect their sap, otherwise known as latex. These trees can be tapped for 25-30 years before they lose their ability to product latex. Once they’re no longer useful to create rubber, the trees are cut down to make way for new trees. To prevent these trees from being burned or going to waste, the wood can be kiln dried and formed into durable items like toys or furniture. Creating items out of rubberwood is a creative way to utilize a common byproduct of the latex industry.

This company partners with 1% for the Planet, a nonprofit organization that helps promote environmental stewardship. Members commit to donating at least 1% of their sales to the program, which helps connect them to high-impact environmental nonprofits across the globe.

This product contains wood that has been sourced from sustainably managed forests. These forests are typically managed in ways that prevent overharvesting and promote the wellbeing of local ecosystems, animals, workers, and communities.

This product is packaged or shipped in materials that contain recycled content.

Companies can adopt multiple practices to dye their textiles and products in a more environmentally safe way. Low impact dyes usually do not contain toxins such as heavy metals, plasticizers, fluorocarbons, and formaldehyde. Sustainable dyes can also be water or plant based, or use less water than conventional dyeing methods.

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