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When Phoebe Yu was shopping for her home in Australia, she was greatly disappointed at the fact that she couldn’t find any sustainable fabrics that were soft and affordable! She went to store after store, but still found nothing that suited her needs and sustainable values. Noticing this gap in the market, Phoebe came up with the world’s first CleanBamboo fabric! She combined her knowledge of textiles with her cultural insight into the versatility of bamboo to create a revolutionary sustainable bamboo fabric that’s breathable, cool, and super soft to the touch! To help launch Ettitude, Phoebe teamed up with a fellow female entrepreneur named Kat Dey who’s also dedicated to sustainable products.

Phoebe and Kat knew that bamboo was the perfect material to utilize as it’s one of the most resource efficient plants on Earth! This is because bamboo requires relatively little water to grow, grows very fast, and requires less land to thrive. It’s truly a miracle plant; and if you can believe it, the process of turning bamboo into lyocell fabric is even more magical! The process begins with crushing the 100% organic bamboo into a pulp. This pulp is then dissolved in a non-toxic solvent that leaves the bamboo fibers intact. By using a closed-loop manufacturing system, Ettitude manufacturers are able to recollect 98% of the water used! Finally, these smooth, delicate fibers are woven into a yarn, and the yarn is then woven into sheets, pajamas, towels, and more!

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Why We Like Them

Ettitude’s process of making CleanBamboo fabric is a work of engineering genius, in that it provides all the qualities that people want in a soft fabric, without compromising the environment to achieve it! Ettitude’s bamboo fabric is made differently from other bamboo fabrics currently on the market. To begin, the bamboo used to make Ettitude sheets is 100% FSC certified, meaning that the bamboo was sustainably grown and harvested. Furthermore, Phoebe and Kat are extremely close with their manufacturing partner (who is certified by the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production), allowing them to ensure that all their products are ethically made! 

When it comes to sustainable manufacturing, Ettitude does a stunning job. A classic way to produce bamboo fabrics is to use machines that comb out bamboo fibers to be woven into fabrics. The problem with this form of bamboo fabric is that it’s expensive, energy consuming (because of the large machines), and the resulting fabric is not very soft. Another common way of manufacturing bamboo fabric is to put the bamboo through a toxic-chemical process in order to make the fibers super soft. These toxins seep into the fibers, which brush against our skin and enter our waterways after being washed. Manufacturers that use this method produce a lot of toxic waste from the chemicals used to break down bamboo; and there’s also a lot of water wasted during the process. In contrast, Ettitude uses a sustainable process to make “lyocell” bamboo fabric. In this process no toxic chemicals are needed, only a small amount of water is required, and FSC certified bamboo is always used. When it comes to sustainable bamboo fabric, Earthhero knows that Ettitude is doing everything right by the consumer and by the planet! 

The benefits of how Ettitude does business don’t stop there! Ettitude is a carbon neutral company. By participating in the CO2 Neutral climate initiative, Ettitude is helping to offset their carbon footprint, invest in projects that are reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, protect rainforests from deforestation, and much more! EarthHero loves brands that are dedicated to preserving the planet and using their success to invest in initiatives that will protect the environment. 

Beyond Ettitude’s sustainable manufacturing process and their sustainably sourced raw materials, EarthHero loves that they’re dedicated to giving back via charities. As part of their additional efforts to limit their businesses’ environmental footprint, Ettitude participates in 1% for the Planet. As a partner of 1% for the Planet, Ettitude donates 1% of the revenue from their bamboo sheets in order to help improve the health of the planet. Ettitude also supports the charity One Girl, which empowers young girls and women through education. They mainly focus on educating women in Africa, where school is not common for children, let alone girls. It’s amazing that both Phoebe and Kat can use their success to make sure that more women are able to start businesses, just as they were able to do!

  • Sustainable Manufacturing
    Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Safe & Fair Labor
    Safe and Fair Labor
  • Charitable
  • 1% for the Planet
    1% for the Planet
  • No GMO
    No GMO
  • Sustainably Harvested
    Sustainably Harvested
  • Bamboo
  • Low Impact Dyes
    Low Impact Dyes

Some or all of the energy used to make this product is produced via renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, or hydropower.

We support safe and fair labor practices when producing sustainable products. This company cares for their workers by fostering a safe work environment and providing their employees with fair wage.

This company donates a portion of their time or profits to charitable efforts in their community or abroad.

This company partners with 1% for the Planet, a nonprofit organization that helps promote environmental stewardship. Members commit to donating at least 1% of their sales to the program, which helps connect them to high-impact environmental nonprofits across the globe.

This product is made without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms. The process of using GMO’s involves manipulating the DNA of plants, animals, and other organisms to produce benefits such as an ability to tolerate herbicides or produce their own pesticides. GMO’s have been deemed as unsafe by many developed nations.

Some or all of the ingredients or materials used to produce this item have been sustainably harvested. Sustainable practices involve managing land in ways that prevent overharvesting, preserve the natural ecosystems and animal habitats, and ensure a sustainable harvest for the future.

The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is a global independent certification system that regulates the use of harmful chemicals for yarns, fabrics, and finished textiles. Products with this certification meet rigorous environmentally friendly standards, as well as human-ecological health standards. OEKO-TEX® also creates standards based on the item’s proximity and sensitivity of the skin. For example, OEKO-TEX® holds baby clothing to a higher standard than an outer coat. For a product to earn this certification, all parts of the product must meet the criteria, including parts of clothing such as buttons, linings, threads, etc.


As a member of the grass family, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. It requires no irrigation, pesticides or fertilizers to grow, and can be harvested within 3-5 years, as compared to approximately 30+ years for traditional hardwoods. Bamboo is extremely adaptable and produces more oxygen per acre than large tree species, while using a fraction of the water to grow. Its durable and lightweight qualities make bamboo a great alternative for hard wood products!

Companies can adopt multiple practices to dye their textiles and products in a more environmentally safe way. Low impact dyes usually do not contain toxins such as heavy metals, plasticizers, fluorocarbons, and formaldehyde. Sustainable dyes can also be water or plant based, or use less water than conventional dyeing methods.

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