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Who They Are

In order to keep bringing you, our customers, the best-in-class products in sustainability, we look all over for just the right fit. Sometimes, that means we’re only bringing one one product from specific brands. Perhaps it’s the only product they make that meets our sustainability guidelines, or maybe it’s just one item that we think will complement our product assortment at that moment.

Products in the “EarthHero Approved” category come from a variety of eco-friendly brands. They’re brought on with the same sustainability vetting you’ve come to love from EarthHero, but these brands might not have their own write-up or brand category just yet. It’s our way of bringing you the best stuff in the quickest way we can, and we hope you love them!

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Why We Like Them

We like products in this category for the same reason we like all products on EarthHero….frankly, they rock! These items fulfill our sustainability sourcing methodology, including (but definitely not limited to!) packaging, waste reduction, sustainable material or ingredient makeup, and eco-friendly manufacturing, ethical production, and giving back to the planet and our communities!

Whether it’s an ethically crafted soap dish to house your zero waste dish soap, or a soothing face mask from a boutique skin care company, EarthHero works hard to bring you the products we know and love. 

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