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5 Eco-Friendly Brands for Plastic Free July

Our mission is to make sustainable living easy and accessible. But one of the biggest challenges for many people on their sustainability journey is reducing their plastic usage. Plastic Free July i...
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Brand Spotlight: Zefiro & Products Ethically Made in China

Let’s talk about one of our favorite new brands, Zefiro! Plastic-free, zero waste, and ethically made, Zefiro’s products are a great addition into any sustainable lifestyle. These affordable eco-fr...
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Saving Money and Being More Sustainable in the Kitchen

Hi! My name is Emma and I am a senior at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, Washington where I am studying Human Development and Sociology. I am also an EarthHero Campus Ambassador! I like to c...
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Brand Spotlight: BioBag + GreenPolly

Compostable vs Recycled Content Single-Use Products When it comes to reducing single-use plastic in your life, a great first step is to look at the bags in your life. We’re talking plastic shopp...
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13 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products from Full Circle for a Sustainable Home

2020 is here, and if you’re anything like us (and our cleaning inspiration Marie Kondo), one of your resolutions may be to find a home cleaning routine that actually works for your lifestyle in the...
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How-To Host an Eco-Friendly Holiday Party

Plan it Out It’s that time of year. The holidays are here, and for many of us that means a whole lotta cooking, cleaning, and of course, eating! Whether that means creating entirely vegan meals to...
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Sustainable Back to School Supplies

The beginning of the school year is a hectic time for parents and students alike. Between school lunches, carpools, playdates, and more, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos. And for many parents thi...
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10 Tips to Buy in Bulk

How to Buy in Bulk (and save money doing it!) Bulk shopping: it’s all about saving money and reducing plastic packaging. But, if it’s done the wrong way, it can end up costing you twice as much and...
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Reduce Your Food Waste

Did you know that food waste takes up more space in our landfills than any other material (21.6% of landfill space, in fact!) On the surface, this may not seem like a huge deal… because food decomp...